Our goal is to cleanse, balance and nourish you back to health by strengthening your own body's healing ability. Natural methods and medicines are good for people and planet, non-toxic and sustainable. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is powerful in its simplicity and effectiveness. It is a powerful and elegant way to deal with all aspects of illness. When you have a problem start with the simple solutions first.

We give you Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine with the highest standards of quality, the latest research and the greatest service. Acupuncture is one of the most effective medicines with the least side effects.


​Detoxification from environmental stressors should be a concern for everyone. We are exposed to many toxins in our daily environment through pollution, food, medicine, cosmetics and buildings. By reducing the body burden of toxins and microbes, the body rejuvenates, immune function is restored which then can prevent chronic illness and reduce the symptoms of many diseases. Microbial infections like Lyme disease, viruses, parasites, mold and fungus can go undiagnosed for decades creating a body burden which overwhelms the immune system and can lead to disease. Everyone should go through detoxification as a preventative, anti-aging, therapeutic treatment.Natural protocols are used for safe and effective reduction of toxins.




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