Acupuncture needles above eyes


Acupuncture is safe and effective. It is the fastest growing medicine in the word today. Acupuncture has been used successfully by millions of people over thousands of years. An acupuncture treatment is usually deeply relaxing, centering and energizing. A good acupuncture session feels like the benefit of a week’s vacation in an hour. Most people wish they had tried it sooner.

Treatments are tailored to you as an individual, your specific condition and needs. 
Acupuncture is highly effective for chronic pain, auto accidents, work related injuries and sports injuries. Sometimes your treatments are covered by insurance. Please contact your insurance company for eligibility and coverage. Please check out our commonly treated illnesses to see if your condition is listed. If not call us for more information.



Weight loss : A combination of acupuncture, herbs, electro-stimulation, ear needling, cupping and dietary therapy all work to support weight loss and good metabolism.
Acupuncture facelifts: You can benefit from facial acupuncture without the cost or side effects of surgery. Acupuncture stimulates the youthfulness of the skin, creating better blood flow and oxygenation removing wrinkles and puffiness.

Laser treatments for facial rejuvination is used to stimulate cells deep beneath the surface layers for smoother younger looking skin.

Cellulite treatments: Cold laser treatments with cupping and massage techniques are used to stimulate fat cells to break up and be metabolized by the lymph system
creating softer, smoother looking skin.

Acupuncture and Addiction: Acupuncture has been shown to help with the management of addiction. Smoking cessation, drug, food and alcohol withdrawal can be very stressful. Acupuncture helps with the symptoms of withdrawal by reducing cravings, stress, anxiety and by creating a calm body, mind and spirit. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can also help with the emotional roots of addiction. Recovery from addiction can be supported by the grounding and calming and centering effects of acupuncture.



Shiatsu Acupressure

Shiatsu is for everyone, from babies to adults, even animals love shiatsu.​

Shiatsu is done with loose cotton clothes on.

Shiatsu technique consists of applying pressure to the body. It includes stretching, rotations, light pounding and kneading.

Sometimes essential oils are used in your shiatsu session. Essential oils provide luxurious aromatherapy and are effective in producing quick change in the body, mind and emotion.

We  all need to be touched in a nurturing and nourishing  way. Our bodies relax and heal from beneficial touch. Shiatsu feels fantastic!

LeeAnn Fotta is our shiatsu practitioner. Call to schedule with her!



Cupping & Gua Sha

Cupping and Gua sha are techniques for applying pressure and suction to the body on areas of tension and pain. These therapies increase blood flow, reduce inflamation and decrease pain. Cupping is used by many celebrities to increase the circulation and keep the skin looking  young and healthy looking. Athletes use it to recover from hard competitions and workouts allowing muscles to stay loose and flexible! Cupping loosens tight muscles and draws out stagnation from deep interior parts of the body. "Out with the old blood and in with the new!" is the mantra for cupping. Good circulation is the key to good health!


Whether you are looking for cupping, acupuncture or any of our other services we look forward to working with you!




Herbal Supplements

Herbal Medicine is safe and effective. Herbal formulations have been utilized for centuries and researched thoroughly by many countries. They work naturally and effectively and usually with out side effect. Most herbs are safe to take with medications. Consulting with Lisa will ensure your herbs are safe for you!

Supplements are recommended for some clients. Proper nutritional support is important in healing. From anti-microbials medicines to adaptogens, herbs support the body’s healing. These medicines are safe and state of the art.

A dietary consultation is key to balancing your system. It will give your body the correct fuel and energize and relax your system. Sometimes a change in diet is not enough. Herbs or supplements are often recommended as part of your healing program. Individual evaluation and testing is done to determine what your body needs.

We carry exclusive herbs and supplements. Our products are available exclusively to you, because of training and relationships with cutting edge physicians. You get state of the art products with the highest quality and efficacy. Herbs and supplements are available to you through our clinic, our website links and our vendor portals !





Autonomic Response Testing is a type of advanced Kinesiology or muscle testing based on ​the Seven Factors Theory of Disease ​used by many doctors, chiropractors  and naturopaths around the world. Its goal is to identify the root causes of disease and then cleanse, balance and re-nourish you back to health

​  The Seven Factors of Disease are:​
   Nu​tritional Deficiencies
   Food Allergies and Sensitivities
   Toxins: Microbial and Environmental
   Electromagnetic and Geo-pathic Stress
   Structural Imbalances
   Emotional and Spiritual Blockages

The five levels of disease are the physical level, energetic level, mental emotional level, intuitive level and spiritual level. The best healthcare practitioners will treat the imbalance or dis-ease on the level it appears for the quickest and most long lasting results.

The goal of Autonomic Response Testing is to reduce the body burden of toxins, restore the proper nutrients and clear away unwanted blockages. You can be affected by food sensitivities, allergens, microbes or toxins. Many chronic illness have underlying environmental stressors. Emotional traumas can tax the body's resources and keep you from accessing your full energy potential. If you have unresolved health issues, Autonomic Response Testing should be considered.




Head ache pain

Head aches, migraines, sciatic pain

Back Pain, pre and post surgery


Allergies, Asthma

P.M.S. painful, heavy or irregular menstruation, mood swings

Menopause Hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, tinnitus, frequent urination, thyroid conditions.

Fatigue, low energy,



Bell’s palsy

Digestion issues, lack of appetite, indigestion, heart burn, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, leaky gut, SIBO

Respiratory issues, cough, post nasal drip,, bronchitis, shortness of breath, allergies, asthma

Cardiac issues irregular heart beat, high blood pressure,

Uro-genital Issues, prostate irregularity, E.D.

Physical Rehabilitation from car accidents, injury , trauma, repetitive motion tennis or golfer’s elbow

Sports medicine, wellness and rehabilitation from sports injuries

Addiction recovery

Holistic Lyme disease support

Neurological issues

Emotional and Spiritual blocks including epi-genetic ancestral DNA blockages


Children's issues



Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy - Light therapy, color therapy  a.k.a. bio-photon-modulation has  been used in our office for years. We offer three types of lasers. Lasers are used to carry information via the bio-photon field into your body. Laser therapy is great for skin conditions, relaxation, increasing rest and digest as well as to stop pain, and reduce inflammation from stress or injury. Cold laser treatments are used regularly for sports medicine and rehabilitation to speed healing and recovery time. Laser treatments are also used in our allergy elimination protocol for desensitization of symptoms as well as our emotional release and ancestral epi-genetic DNA clearing. The use of laser light in healing is advanced cutting edge energy medicine. It has huge advantages as a non-invasive treatment for upgrading our wellness!



E-Stim in the Lehigh Valley

We offer three types of electrostim.

Dolphin Neuro-Point Stimulation is the highest standard of the Direct Current Electro stim treatments today. It brings quick relief. It is excellent for the treatment of scars, joint issues, stenosis, lymphatic flow, neurological issues, anxiety, TMJ, migraine head aches, chronic pain and more.

Micro-current Stim is great for stimulation of cellular regeneration. It is great for bone growth and promoting regeneration of tissues. Increased cellular regeneration and metabolism lowers inflammation and stops pain.


Traditional E-Stim is like a tens unit only gentler. It does stimulate the muscles to contract, increasing blood flow and relaxation. It is used in conjunction with acupuncture to reduce pain signaling. It can also be used in weight loss, addiction treatments and beauty treatments. E-stim is painless and effective.



Magnetic Therapy

MAGNETS ARE USED TO STOP PAIN! Magnetic treatments re-establish proper electrical conduction around scar tissue and areas of injury. Poor electromagnetic flow causes poor circulation, poor waste removal and a lack of cellular nutrition. This condition can cause swelling, edema, pain and infection. Magnets re-establish the natural electrical conductivity of the skin and underlying tissue. Magnetic therapy works great for old injuries that have remained painful. 2500 gauss, gold plated magnets are applied to painful points and meridians. The magnets are tapped gently to your heart rhythm with a wooden mallet. This stimulation activates the magnets and re-polarizes the affected areas. Old pain patterns disappear. This noninvasive therapy helps to re-establish proper electrical circuitry in your affected area. All of this leads to healthy tissue and old pains are gone!



Allergy Elimination

Allergy Elimination is simple and effective. We find many allergy symptoms have underlying digestive and environmental factors. We check for leaky gut and SIBO. We identify foods sensitivities, organ imbalances and environmental factors to determine what stresses the body. Then we can treat with laser light therapy, EFT-tapping, acupressure, acupuncture or Dolphin Neuro-stim.  We prescribe dietary changes, supplements, homeopathic medicines and remedies or herbs. We can make personalized homeopathic remedies for your specific issues. It’s safe and easy.

Tele-Medicine: Online Consultations

Getting an appointment is as easy as picking up your phone. All you have to do is schedule an appointment for a tele-medicine conference. We have hour and half hour appointments. We can chat over the phone or use Whatsapp. Whether you are looking for dietary advice, herbal protocols, emotional clearing, spiritual guidance or diagnostics we can meet your goals for health with out you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Just call and we can set up your appointments!

Woman Studying

Applied Psycho-kinesiology; Emotional Balancing


We find that most health issues, especially pain have underlying emotional components. We know that stress is a major factor in disease. Through Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, we are able to identify the emotion, thought or feeling that is connected to the health issue and help bring conscious awareness to hidden unconscious feelings and energies linked to the patient’s immune system.


By making the unconscious conscious we are able to relieve hidden stressors and release unhealthy patterns and belief systems. We are able to help reprogram the neural pathways with healthier paradigms and bring loving kindness, compassion, healthy boundaries and acceptance to many issues.


We utilize many techniques, simple biofeedback mechanisms, color and light therapy, essential oils, tapping techniques and shiatsu to neutralize old stuck patterns and create better emotional focus.


When one releases emotional blocks one has more energy for healing the physical body. The energies that have been bound up with emotional stress are released and then become available for the immune system. This freed up energy up-reguates the immune system which now has more energy potential to fight disease, pain and begin to heal!


Many people find that not only does their health change for the better, but their relationships change and they feel more empowered to live their life’s purpose and destiny.

Long distance emotional balancing and long distance healing sessions available via tele-health. Tele-health sessions allows us to identify the emotions and spiritual challenges that are blocking you and rerouting your energies to the supportive and affirming energies. We can rewire your neural network utilizing brain elasticity techniques allowing you to change your body mind and spirit for the better.



Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

Reiki Treatment
Cranial Electronic Stimulation

CES or Brain Wave Sync  is great for anxiety, allergies, ADD, ADHD, traumatic brain injury and insomnia. 30-minute treatments are quick, safe and effective. Studies show that mild electronic stimulation to the brain is effective for treating depression. Balancing the right and left sides of the brain brain brings harmony to the nervous system and has many health benefits. Ear clips provide the stimulation while the waves balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain leading to better physical, mental and emotional integration.