Autonomic Response Testing is a type of advanced Kinesiology or muscle testing based on ​the Seven Factors Theory of Disease ​used by many doctors, chiropractors  and naturopaths around the world. Its goal is to identify the root causes of disease and then cleanse, balance and re-nourish you back to health

​  The Seven Factors of Disease are:​
   Nu​tritional Deficiencies
   Food Allergies and Sensitivities
   Toxins: Microbial and Environmental
   Electromagnetic and Geo-pathic Stress
   Structural Imbalances
   Emotional and Spiritual Blockages

The five levels of disease are the physical level, energetic level, mental emotional level, intuitive level and spiritual level. The best healthcare practitioners will treat the imbalance or dis-ease on the level it appears for the quickest and most long lasting results.

The goal of Autonomic Response Testing is to reduce the body burden of toxins, restore the proper nutrients and clear away unwanted blockages. You can be affected by food sensitivities, allergens, microbes or toxins. Many chronic illness have underlying environmental stressors. Emotional traumas can tax the body's resources and keep you from accessing your full energy potential. If you have unresolved health issues, Autonomic Response Testing should be considered.