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       There are many misconceptions about Lyme disease.  Many people say "Lymes Disease" but techincally, it is Lyme Disease, recently rediscovered in Lyme, Connecticut. You will often hear the phrase tick born disease, because most people think Lyme disease comes fro...

Your microbiome is unique to you..It is the community of living organisms that live inside you, help your digestion, your brain function, regulate immunity and inflamation. In the best situations,  we live in harmony with the microbes in side us. We inherit some of our...

Some people think of Immunity as a force field around the body. There is such a force..The acupuncturists call this "Wei chi". It is the strength of your body to push away, resist or fight pathogens..It is the culmination of all of your body's metabolism and heat, thou...

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