E-Stim in the Lehigh Valley

We offer three types of electrostim.

Dolphin Neuro-Point Stimulation is the highest standard of the Direct Current Electro stim treatments today. It brings quick relief. It is excellent for the treatment of scars, joint issues, stenosis, lymphatic flow, neurological issues, anxiety, TMJ, migraine head aches, chronic pain and more.

Micro-current Stim is great for stimulation of cellular regeneration. It is great for bone growth and promoting regeneration of tissues. Increased cellular regeneration and metabolism lowers inflammation and stops pain.


Traditional E-Stim is like a tens unit only gentler. It does stimulate the muscles to contract, increasing blood flow and relaxation. It is used in conjunction with acupuncture to reduce pain signaling. It can also be used in weight loss, addiction treatments and beauty treatments. E-stim is painless and effective.