Applied Psycho-kinesiology; Emotional Balancing


We find that most health issues, especially pain have underlying emotional components. We know that stress is a major factor in disease. Through Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, we are able to identify the emotion, thought or feeling that is connected to the health issue and help bring conscious awareness to hidden unconscious feelings and energies linked to the patient’s immune system.


By making the unconscious conscious we are able to relieve hidden stressors and release unhealthy patterns and belief systems. We are able to help reprogram the neural pathways with healthier paradigms and bring loving kindness, compassion, healthy boundaries and acceptance to many issues.


We utilize many techniques, simple biofeedback mechanisms, color and light therapy, essential oils, tapping techniques and shiatsu to neutralize old stuck patterns and create better emotional focus.


When one releases emotional blocks one has more energy for healing the physical body. The energies that have been bound up with emotional stress are released and then become available for the immune system. This freed up energy up-reguates the immune system which now has more energy potential to fight disease, pain and begin to heal!


Many people find that not only does their health change for the better, but their relationships change and they feel more empowered to live their life’s purpose and destiny.

Long distance emotional balancing and long distance healing sessions available via tele-health. Tele-health sessions allows us to identify the emotions and spiritual challenges that are blocking you and rerouting your energies to the supportive and affirming energies. We can rewire your neural network utilizing brain elasticity techniques allowing you to change your body mind and spirit for the better.



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