Herbal Supplements

Herbal Medicine is safe and effective. Herbal formulations have been utilized for centuries and researched thoroughly by many countries. They work naturally and effectively and usually with out side effect. Most herbs are safe to take with medications. Consulting with Lisa will ensure your herbs are safe for you!

Supplements are recommended for some clients. Proper nutritional support is important in healing. From anti-microbials medicines to adaptogens, herbs support the body’s healing. These medicines are safe and state of the art.

A dietary consultation is key to balancing your system. It will give your body the correct fuel and energize and relax your system. Sometimes a change in diet is not enough. Herbs or supplements are often recommended as part of your healing program. Individual evaluation and testing is done to determine what your body needs.

We carry exclusive herbs and supplements. Our products are available exclusively to you, because of training and relationships with cutting edge physicians. You get state of the art products with the highest quality and efficacy. Herbs and supplements are available to you through our clinic, our website links and our vendor portals !