Here are some helpful links:


Nutritional Health

 Weston Price Foundation

Kushi Institute

Environmental Health:

Klinghardt Academy

Sal La Duca, Baubiologist, testing for indoor air quality, mold, EMF's, VOC's, Etc.


International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology  Paint with low VOC and high quality designer options for your home.


Relationships and Sexuality:

David Deida


Robert Echenberg, MD, FACOG

Women's Health, Pelvic Pain & Sexual Wellness

623 West Union Blvd. Suite 5

Bethlehem ,Pa.18018


Alexandra Milspaw , M.Ed, LPC

Sexual Health Counselor, Educator & Consultant

1 Bethlehem Place Suite 408, Bethlehem, Pa.19018

​Holistic Dentistry:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

Holistic Dental Association

International Association of Mercury -Safe Dentistry

Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions

The Consumers for Dental Choice

Thermography  Information


Rebecca Reverie , CTT..484.225.8760

Acupuncture Studies, Meditation and Buddhism

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