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acupuncture needles above the eye
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine​

Oriental Medicine includes acupuncture, herbs, massage therapy, meditation and  therapeutic exercises, gua sha , cupping, electrostimulation and more. This offers you many therapy choices  to manage and maintain your health. See our service below for more information about Oriental medicine and how it can help you!  read mor


Cupping & Gua Sha

Cupping and Gua sha are techniques that apply pressure and suction to the body. These therapies increase blood flow, reduce inflamation and decrease pain. Many  celebrities use cupping to increase circulation and blood flow, helping the skin stay smooth and young looking. Athletes use it for increased efficiency in muscle flexibility and recovery after competitions or workouts. read more


Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic Response Testing is kinesiology based on the theories of ​the five levels of healing and the seven factors of disease.   read more


Laser Treatments in Lehigh Valley

Laser Treatment

Several types of lasers are used. Lasers are used to stop pain, and reduce inflammation from stress or injury. Cold laser treatments are used regularly for sports medicine and rehabilitation to speed healing and recovery time. Laser therapy is  state of the art energy medicine. Strong coherent laser light is used to energize the mitochondria of the cells. The mitochondria are the batteries of the cell. They turn on all functions and increase cellular mtabolism. Laser light is similar to spending time outdoors so you get the benefit of light on your body, relaxing and energizing the nervous system. 


Shiatsu & Acupressure

Shiatsu technique consists of applying pressure to the body. It includes stretching, rotations, light pounding and kneading. Shiatsu is so relaxing!!!  It enhances the rest and digest part of the nervous system creating a deep feeling of being thoroughly kneeded and attended to. Shiatsu is done differently for each person according to their needs. The weaker aspects of the body are nourished and the tight parts are loosened. It creates a perfect balance for body mind and spirit! Loose cotton clothing is recommended.   read more

herbal remedies
Herbs & Nutrition

A dietary consultation is key to balancing your system. It will give your body the correct fuel and energize and relax your system. Sometimes when a change in diet is not enough, herbs are powerful medicines. They are safe and effective. They are natural, sustainable and nonpolluting to water sheds, streams and wildlife. Herbal medicine is thousands of years old, time tested with millions of people using it over centuries. Herbal medicines have fewer or no side efects and work with the intelligence of plants and human intelligence to create a harmony with nature! read more


Acupuncture for Illness Prevention
Commonly Treated Illnesses

Sports, Rehabilitation and Optimal Fitness- Acupuncture, laser, shiatsu, magnets help keep the body in a state of peak performance.   read more


Pain Management with E-stim

E-Stim is used for severe pain in conjunction with acupuncture to reduce pain signaling. It can also be used in weight loss, addiction treatments and beauty treatments. E-stim is painless and effective.   


Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic treatments re-establish proper electrical conduction around scar tissue and tissue injury. Poor electromagnetic conduction can cause poor circulation, lack of oxygen and nutrients.  


allergy elimination

Allergy Elimination

AE is simple and effective. With our protocol there is no need to avoid allergens for 24 hours. We use laser, acupuncture, cranial electronic stimulation Autonomic Response Testing to retrain your body's response to simple allergens. It's safe and effective!


Stressed Woman

Emotional Release Therapy

We use a combination of color therapy, body work, Emotional Freedom Technique and laser to help you recognize and release old emotional  blocks so you have more energy for healing other aspects of your body.


Quantum Energy Assessment: Remote Healing

 Energy Analysis including Chakras, Ancestral DNA , emotions, unconscious beliefs, meridians and organ systems. Healing remedies included.

Talking on phones
Tele-medicine and Online Consultations!

​​For those unable to come to our office, you can receive  Tele-medicine consultations via phone, Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp. For more information call or email us. Energetic   evaluations including physical assessment,  dietary and herbal recommendations, emotional and spiritual issues and clearings.

We also offer long distance healing via monthly subscription.