Death song and prayer .....aka Eulogy for the Cat.... Zou Zou

"Well I'll never know if it was the Great Spirit or the great algo-rhythm in the cloud that brought the image of Zou ZOu and Dan to my facebook page this morning after I text'd the kids that she didn't come to the door this morning. I usually found her waiting for her morning food and attention...But sadly tonight Daniel found her curled up by the side of the road. We buried her. She was in perfect shape., just a drop or two of blood on the leaves that I picked up with her body. She would have wanted it that way. She was a princess or Queen of cats. She learned to say "herro!" when she really wanted attention...that's as close as she could get to "hello"..It was pretty close!.....The boys taught it to her..She loved them the best! Maye she rest in peace and love..I'll miss her! Apparently I posted this 7 years ago today.”

Here is a the death song and prayer inspired by our kitty Zou Zou:

Death prayer and chant… aka…Eulogy to the Cat ..Zou Zou!

“She wouldn’t want you to suffer” is the refrain to be said or sung after each line. It is a call and response song, chant or be used as needed...Thank you!

I embrace and let go of the fear of death….( She wouldn’t want you to suffer! *)

I embrace and let go of the sadness……..(refrain*.. She wouldn’t…)

I embrace and let go of the shock of…” here to day and gone tomorrow”……(refrain*)

I embrace the grief and let it go……(*)

I embrace and let go of the guilt of “I could have done better….”.(*)

I embrace and let go of the pain and beauty of impermanence ….(*)

I embrace and let go of this pain in my heart….(*)

I let go of the fear of suffering in death….(*)

I let go of the fear of being alone at death….(*)

I let go of the heartbreak and illusion of separation…..(*)

I let go of attachment …..(*)

I let go of the fear, loss and separation…..(*)

I let go of the questions…. “why”(*)

I let go of the violence of “the machine” death (*)

I let go of the trauma of sudden death (*)

(Stop refrain)

I keep the memories of your touch, your presence, your energy and your sounds

I embrace sweet memories

I embrace the oneness of all things

I embrace the peace beyond suffering

I embrace love

I embrace the present moment

I embrace … preciousness of life

I embrace acceptance

I accept divine timing

Lisa Baas Nov.6th 2019

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